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Gauthami Education

Gauthami Education


Tuition Fee:

  • For Tuition Fee (Regular Fee) Payments, students/parents are to use only the options provided under Tuition Fee. 

  • To use the Fee Portal feature, students can sign up using the email address they get their payment receipts on. Follow the signing up instructions on the link, verifying your email address from the verification email sent, and then logging in using the newly created password.

  • Once logged in to the Fee Portal, students can view all their payment receipts and dues in one place, and can make fee payments through the Fee Portal too.

  • Institute Receipts for fee paid through Fee Portal are generated immediately.

Examination Fee:

  • All examination fee payments will be collected through the corresponding Exam Fee Links.

  • Examination Fee Links will be made available based on the notifications released from time to time by the Affiliating Organisation.

  • Students are instructed to pay the examination fee only through the links provided.

  • Any other mode of payment towards examination fees will not be considered.



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