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Gauthami Education

Terms and Conditions:


  1. When a student takes an admission in a course other than in schooling, he/she agrees  to completely pay the whole course fee irrespective of dropping the course, or failing to clear the course.

  2. Invoices are generated yearly  based on the discussion with the student prior to generating an admission into a course solely based on easing the payment schedule for the student. This in no way is or should be considered as a yearly fee for any particular course.  The fee payable by the student is the total amount of all the invoices generated for that particular course.

  3. There is no possibility of a fee breakup of the course fee under any circumstances and the student is liable to pay the entire course fee from the moment an admission is generated.

  4. All payments are to be made using official payment channels only and asking for and obtaining a payment receipt from the institution of education is solely the responsibility of the student.

  5. No payment claims will be entertained without a soft or a hard copy of a payment receipt issued by the college and issued in the name of the student.

  6. Making payments to staff members except the cashier in the front office is not authorised and any such payments without an accompanying payment receipt will be considered as a personal transaction between the student and the respective staff member.

  7. Any and all discounts offered to the student will expire on the due date of the invoice and the discount will be forfeited by the student unless full payment is made at least one day before the due date  of the invoice. 

  8. The student is liable to pay late fee to the institution at a rate of 10% of the balance amount of any particular invoice if full payment is not made by the due date.

  9. Any damages or other charges can be retrospectively added to the invoice by the institution as and when the need arises and after confirmation of the same to the student.

  10. Any mistakes in the invoice has to be reported to the concerned home institution before availing of the Transfer Certificate, post which no changes are permitted.

  11. Transfer Certificate and Original Certificates will only be issued if there is no due by the student.


Refund Policy:

  1. Refunds will be processed in case of excess payment made by the student towards his/her  course fee due to scholarship releases by the government.

  2. Any such refunds will be only to the amount of excess payment over the total invoiced amount to  the student.

  3. Any such refunds will only be credited to the bank account of the student and will be verified with the phone number given at the time of  admission, or any accompanying proof of bank account details.


Privacy Policy:

  1. All student details including and not limited to their Father Name, Phone Number,  Address, Email, Bank Details, etc. will  not be shared with any third party,  and will only be used for internal purposes in enabling educational,  technical,  and financial solutions of the institutions.

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