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Gauthami Education

Unveiling Ingenuity: A Showcase of Robotics Brilliance at Gauthami Techno School

Welcome to a glimpse into the world of innovation and technology at Gauthami Techno School, Chintal! In the heart of our campus, a vibrant hub of creativity and curiosity comes to life through a myriad of robotics activities that captivate the minds of our students. From elementary to high school, our students engage in hands-on experiences that not only bring robotics to the forefront but also nurture a passion for problem-solving and technological exploration. Join us on this exciting journey as we showcase the diverse range of robotics activities happening within the walls of our school, where students are not just learners but creators shaping the future of technology.

Grade 1 activities

1. Making shapes using tangram puzzle

2. Making shapes using pentominoes

3. Fun with folds

Grade 2 activities

1.Simple pushing experiment

2. Spinning disc to know about centrifugal force

3. Marble maze

4. Levitating magnet

5. Periscope

6. Make your own magnet

7. Balance weight

8. Catapult

Grade 3 activities

1. Free fall of Matchbox

2. Defining gravity with magnets

3. Paper plane launcher

4. Slingshot car/ suspension car

Grade 4 activities

1. LED blinking using breadboard

2. Series connection with 3 LEDS

3. Let's make an oval flight

Grade 5 activities

1. Light up an LED using series and parallel circuits

2. Making a Boomerang airplane

3. Assembly of Depron glider

Grade 6 activities

1.Making Balsa wood Glider

2.Smart Doorbell using Arduino UNO

3.LED blink using Tinkercad Software

Grade 7 activities

1.Lets make Helicopter

Grade 8 activities

1.Making of Diy Chuck plane Activity

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